Isabella Odette

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Meeting me…

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Thank you for checking in on my site. I’ve tried to make it quick and easy to navigate. I have my schedule and rates for each city listed below under their own tabs.

About me; I am 5’2”, have red hair (everywhere), big green eyes and tasty curves. I am usually found wearing a sun dress with converse. Minimal makeup and fuss is my preferred way of being. In my free time I enjoy hiking around in the woods, fishing, gardening and working on my zines.

In intimate settings affection is key: kissing, caressing, closeness, the feeling of warm breath on soft skin. My pleasure is your pleasure. People find me friendly, open and easy to talk to. That leads to ease of connection.

Let’s get together and create an unforgettable experience.

If you’d like to get to know me a bit more from afar, I am active on twitter and its a great place to do that. No need for an account, lurking is totally acceptable (: I have a link to my reviews below.

Thank you for reading and I hope to meet you soon. or 206.602.0486



New York August 19-25 and September 7-10

Note: My reviews are all on tna board; which is well known review board on the west coast. You need to log in to see them. This just requires an email and you don’t have to pay. Just click my link above and it will take you to the site. Or, I am happy to send a couple of screenshots if you’d like.

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